President of Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan of NigeriaGoodluck Jonathan

Date of Birth: 20 November 1957
Birth Place: Ogbia, Nigeria
Political Party: People's Democratic Party
Arrival in Power: 6 May 2010
Religion: Christian
Profession: Zoologist


Goodluck Jonathan was born in Ogbia, Nigeria, in 1957. Goodluck Jonathan is the current President of Nigeria. Goodluck Jonathan studied at the University of Port Harcourt, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, a Master's degree in Hydrobiology, and a Ph.D in Zoology. Before joining politics in 1998, he worked in his field of study.

Goodluck Jonathan ran in the 2006 presidential elections as Umaru Yar'Adua's running mate and became vice-president when they won the elections. In 2010 President Yar'Adua became ill and Goodluck Jonathan took temporary control of the president's role, when the president eventually died in May 2010, Goodluck Jonathan became the new President of Nigeria.

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Updated on: January 4th, 2014

Former President of Nigeria

President Umaru Yar'Adua of NigeriaUmaru Yar'Adua

Date of Birth: 6 August 1951
Date of Death: 5 May 2010
Birth Place: Katsina, Nigeria
Political Party: People's Democratic Party
Arrival in Power: 29 May 2007
In Power Until : 5 May 2010
Religion: Islam
Profession: NA