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Population: 422,675 (2014), 415,717 (2013)
Land Area: 5,770 sq km
Natural Resources: Petroleum, natural gas, timber
Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan
Political System: Constitutional Sultanate
State Leader: Sultan Sir Hassanal Bolkiah (October 5th 1967)
Languages: Malay, English, Chinese
Currency: Bruneian Dollar (BND)
Major Religions: Muslim 67%, Buddhist 13%, Christian 10%, Other 10%
Major Ethnicities: Malat 67%, Chinese 15%, Indigenous 6%, Other 12%
Life Expectancy: 76.77 years (2014), 76.57 years (2013)


GDP Official Exchange Rate: 16.56 billion (2013), 16.85 billion (2012)
GDP Purchasing Power Parity: 22.25 billion (2013), 21.94 billion (2012)
GDP Per Capita (PPP): 54,800 (2013), 50,500 (2012)
GDP Growth Rate: 1.4% (2013), 2.7% (2012)
GDP Structure: Agriculture 0.7%, Industry 70.9%, Services 28.4% (2013)
Labour Force By Occupation: Agriculture 4.2%, Industry 62.8%, Services 33% (2008)
Industries: Petroleum, petroleum refining, liquified natural gas, construction
Agriculture Products: Rice, vegetables, fruits; chickens, water buffalo, cattle, goats, eggs
Human Development Index: 0.852 (30th)(2014), 0.855 (30th)(2013)
Tourism Revenue: 37 million (1998)
Unemployment Rate: 2.6% (2011)

MilitaryBrunei Map

Army Size: 7 000 (2004)
Budget: 4.5% of GDP (2006)

Current Situation


Brunei is located in southeast Asia, Brunei bordered by Malaysia. Brunei makes half of it's annual GDP from crude oil and natural gas.

(2014) Brunei's Sultan is one of the richest persons in the world and the state subsidizes food and housing for its citizens, however Brunei remains a very conservative muslim nation with very few of the individual freedoms enjoyed in other nations with GDP per capita as high. In 2004 the Parliament of Brunei was re-opened by appointment with the promise of expanding it, however this expansion has yet to materialize.

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Updated on: July 25th, 2014